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Representing Main Contractors Since 2009

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About CLG

Established in 2009, CLG works closely with the Joint Contracts Tribunal ("JCT") in representing Main Contractors' interests across all JCT contracts. CLG play an instrumental role in ensuring that JCT's contracts are drafted such that the balance of risk imposed on Main Contractors are fair and equitable and that such risk are passed down the supply chain where appropriate.

About CLG


Together We Can

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Your CLG Resource Hub

Join CLG

Membership with CLG would present to your organisation the opportunity to be actively involved in the implementation and revision of all future JCT contracts. CLG membership will also address most Continuing Professional Development requirements as prescribed by our industry. We welcome applications from all Main Contractors.


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Adjudicator Nomination Service

CLG offers an experienced adjudicator nomination service for resolving construction disputes in a simple and cost effective manner. Our Adjudicator Nomination Body ("ANB") is one of four listed and approved ANB bodies named in JCT contracts as well as being named in other contracts such as DOM/1 and DOM/2.

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Technicians at Work

The Construction Contractual Handbook

Edited by RCB's managing partner, John Bradley, and Simon Kerry and Michael Levenstein of Hardwicke Law, this is the essential Construction Contractual Handbook for everyone involved in construction. The handbook sets out the law and contracts in a compact, clear and accessible manner.

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National Federation of Builders

Founded in 1846, the NFB is the industry's longest established trade bodies. They represent builders, contractors, and house builders across England and Wales. 

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Scottish Building Federation

The SBF represents employers in the Scottish construction industry. With headquarters in Edinburgh, the SBF comprises of 16 regional associations and represents around 700 companies.

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National Access and Scaffolding Confederation

The NASC is a a leading trade body in the UK for the access and scaffolding industry. Established in 1945, the NASC representing now represents over 240 contracting firms, scaffolding manufacturers and businesses.

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Contractors Legal Group

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